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Recognize individuals who assisted with the project. Report all sources of grant and other support for the project or study, including funds received from contributors, institutions and commercial sources. Consultancies and funds paid directly to investigators must also be listed.

All contributors who do not meet the criteria for authorship should be covered in the acknowledgment section.
It should include persons who provided technical help, writing assistance and departmental head that only provided general support.
Financial and material support should also be acknowledged.
Authorship Changes
NEW: Based on our policy, we don´t accept any change in the authorship including adding or removing the authors after initial submission except for those cases that are decided by the editorial board.
Only Minor changes in the authors including any change in the order of authors will be reviewed by the editorial board. Authors should determine the order of authorship among themselves. Also, any alterations must be clarified to the Editor/Editor-in-chief.
To apply a request for a minor change in the authors, please fill the agreement form (click to download) and submit it via our support portal at
Dual First Authorship
If the "main corresponding author" requested to introduce two first authors, Journal of Research in Health and Medical Sciences can provide you with "dual first authorship". It means that the two authors have contributed equally to a paper.

How to request for dual first authorship?
If you are going to submit your article with dual first authorship, inform us by submitting a ticket via our support portal or inform us during your galley proof. Note that we can accept your request before final publishing and all requests after publishing will be rejected. After confirmation of your request, a footnote will be added to the author's names and an explanation will be given.
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